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Getting Closer to My Dreams!

paperbackbookstanding(1)I published a book last year along side of 18 amazing contributors in the anthology, The Entrepreneur Within You.  I just wanted to share an excerpt from a recent interview!

What are your long term goals with your endeavors?

My long term goals are to keep growing my design and marketing business. I am also very passionate about my book, the anthology “The Entrepreneur Within You” and literally strive to make a conscious effort to do something related to TEW once a month. Aside from that, my goal is to help nurture my kids into whatever they wish; to follow their dreams, passions and desires 100%. Lastly, my goal is to keep growing in my shoes, from faith to love, to business, to marketing and networking and ultimately leaving a legacy of “Julie GraphicDesigner Holloway, the Entrepreneur.”  My desire is to truly inspire others to follow the footsteps that God has put in front of them, and never look back.

Tell us about your written work, The Entrepreneur Within You.

The Entrepreneur Within You began as my written work about the “quit day” ~ the day I quit corporate America to pursue my arts business as a graphic artist. It was about realizing my dreams, passion and love for art, and that it was my TIME.  Shortly after I wrote the first 50 pages, I decided to send it to some colleagues for feedback.  Immediately, a few of them asked me directly if they could contribute to the book! I didn’t even know of the concept of an anthology at the time. However, the book became an amazing collection of stories from all of my colleagues and friends, even some clients who are living their lives on purpose. All of our roads were not easy, and many, very troubling, but the commonality in the end is that we are still figuring out who were meant to be, where and why. We branded ourselves as the first “TEW Crew.” The book was published in November, 2012 one year to the date, of my “quit day.”

Cheers to getting closer to our dreams!

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