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GOT a dream? Read my book!

Last year I finally realized that my dreams for JMH Art + Design Studio were truly sheltered and locked within me. The ‘dream’ was slowly fading further and further away while my mental state was as well. Overly consumed by absolute dismay, fear of not having a ‘job’ and feelings of mental and physical unrest, I was finally at wits end. I was brutally afraid to quit my full-time executive assistant job, a field I worked in for fifteen years, to pursue my lifelong passion of fulfilling the life of the ‘artist’ within me.The purpose of sharing this story is not to debilitate you by the experiences that I have gone through but to share in that we can and must conquer anything in our way of pursuing our dreams and passions.In this case, for years I blamed my boss at the horrible job for captivating my dream to become a designer full time. However, I finally came to truth and realization that it was me I was afraid of. I allowed myself to be stuck in that situation because I did not have the strength to take the plunge! It is a process to become a self-made entrepreneur and even more so, to decide to leave a career behind you. My goal is simply to share the experiences of how I overcame and to encourage others to follow suit. In other words, I have self-labeled myself the latest ‘quit coach’ but take no responsibility if it doesn’t work for you. I will gladly discuss my endeavor with anyone with a dream! Stay tuned for the OFFICIAL Launch date of 6.29.12 ~ yep my 35th bday!

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