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GOT healthy coffee + tea?

SereniGy was created by DEMAND. The people of the world have demanded that once and for all a company stands on the foundation of Integrity first. With that, the rest becomes simple. We use cutting edge products, services, marketing, and research along with sound business development to bring the Miracle of Ganoderma to the world.

As a company we use a simple approach to help the average person create an income machine that is second to none in the direct sales industry. Our ingenious method of utilizing products such as Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, and other Health Beverages to deliver the “Miraculous King of Herbs,” Ganoderma, is what gives our distributors a decided advantage in the marketplace.

Our Executive Team of Experts is well equipped to quickly position our company as a leader in the direct sales industry. With our combination of product, pay plan, and personal growth training we are confident that those that unite with us will have an amazing opportunity to position themselves as a pillar in their communities.

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