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The JMH Story – #Cre8ivityUnleashed



“Half the battle of being an entrepreneur, is loving the battle of being an entrepreneur.”                      

– Julie M. Holloway



An excerpt from The Entrepreneur Within You – Volume 2

In 2011 I merely existed as a cubicle chick sitting in a position as an executive assistant yet again. It was the eighth company that I worked for in a 16-year span. As I sat at work one day in a deliberate and frantic quest for inspiration to get me through, something clicked inside. An alarm went off. It shook me to the core and told me that it was my time. It was tew2-pctime to UNLEASH the entrepreneur within.

I had entrepreneurial tendencies that appeared shortly after I quit art school back in 1997. I began selling my paintings to corporate colleagues for a few hundred bucks here and there and even commissioned a few custom pieces. However, because I did not have much business acumen at that time, I did not know HOW to make art my “business” or how to make a “business” out of my art. I guess that’s why my high-school art teacher strongly encouraged us to go to business school (I will never forget him for that because it is one of the toughest lessons I’ve experienced in my life). Honestly, I was also lacking the courage and self-esteem to go forth and figure it out; so I kept on working day in and day out in good old corporate America. Mary Mary sings one of my favorite songs, “Go Get Your Blessing” but in all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure how to go and get it!

In every single job that I worked throughout the years, I sat behind a desk longing for a boss to afford me an opportunity to be creative in my administrative position. Very few of them actually saw it in me and gave me the freedom that I asked for. Most others just utilized me as their assistant and often pushed me to do things that I had zero interest in doing. Yet, I must admit, I fully allowed my creative brain to be pushed aside. I sum up most of my reasoning behind that in one word, FEAR. I had no clue how to become an artist.

My Dreams Kept Me Up at Night

Fast forward 16 years and many companies later, I found myself longing to start my own business. Hell, I was so tired of being bossed around I couldn’t take it anymore! I felt a nagging sense of urgency to figure out how I could move forward with a creative career and artistic lifestyle. My dreams were keeping me up at night, and tugging on me all day long to the point of exhaustion, depression, dehydration and many other ailments. Ignoring my dreams and passion for creating was truly causing extreme undue stress inside of me. How can one suppress those desires for so long, I asked myself constantly? I was depriving my creative soul of the outlets it needed to be happy inside and out. I couldn’t let it go on any longer.

44I taught myself graphic design in the midst of pure boredom on a job in 2008. I had always been a painter by nature, and thought it would be fun to put my computer skills to work. I started designing logos for friends and family and quickly landed a few clients. I learned rapidly that a creative job well done would lead to word of mouth referrals. I began to understand that the keys to starting your own business required a dream, a vision, a goal, tenacity, persistence and great customer care. I acquired the best experiences as a new entrepreneur by making mistakes, falling down, and getting right back up again! I had it in me. I truly believe that entrepreneurship and serving others with my creative abilities is in my DNA. It just took 35 years to figure it out!

Once I learned what being an entrepreneur consisted of, I truly saw it as a glimmer of HOPE for my future. Yessssss! I could be artistic, explore my talents and make a profit. That pivotal day, I truly realized that my future was truly in my own hands. It was an absolute “AHH HAA” moment. I had to hurry up and get out of my own way!

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