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Time to SHIFT!


[In my last corporate position, I worked on a very small team; in a non-profit trade association. EveryoneTEW33x6 in the office had many different positions boiled down to one ‘job’ since it was small; and their funding was not that vast. I was a personal secretary to my executive director, and did all things with excellence; however in the last few years there he pressured me to become the ‘bookeeper’ and learn the accounting practices that scared the mess out of me.

I did most of the work with dedication and with the best resources I had. I took my time and tried very hard, but my work was never satisfactory enough. There were many accounting classifications and codes that I did not understand, and rather than teach he would simply yell and berate me. Those specific tasks above all of my other work and responsibilities did not meet his expectations. B.S. pink slips, write-ups and extreme pressure simply led me to seek other opportunities, and that is when I fully pursued my freelance design business.] Someone asked what one of the most challenging times of my career was today; and I just had to share. If you do not “FIT” where you are, or things simply are not working; then SHIFT.

Feeling very grateful that I now fully understand that concept of ‘shifting’ when needed.

Learn more about these experiences, and the experiences of many, in TEW – Volume 3!


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